Hi there...

I'm Melissa Kupsch, Founder & Director of RMDY Collective.

A little bit about me. I'm a qualified Homeopath & Naturopath with a special interest in Fertility, Women's & Children's Health.

I graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2015 and have completed a Bachelor of Science [Honours] Homeopathy. I’ve helped countless couples worldwide to achieve healthy pregnancies.

I’m passionate about my work and have found a true passion in training, mentoring and guiding practitioners worldwide.

I was born and raised in beautiful Queensland, Australia.

Thank you for being a part of our ever growing, evolving community.

I'd love to have you in our courses and looking forward to meeting more like minded individuals soon. Remember, my Practitioner course also concludes with a one-on-one session after the 12 modules so it's a live and vibrant course.

Here are some of the common questions which will hopefully assist in your initial enquiries.

Warm regards,


Can you provide more information on this opportunity? 

This is a course designed for health practitioners to expand their practice and incorporate homeopathy.

As a guide, we will cover the following:
- What is homeopathy, history of homeopathy, what is the scope of practice using homeopathic medicine?
- The fertility protocol – the remedies and common presentations for women that you are most likely to see in clinic.
- The 30 most common remedy prescriptions for men that you will see in clinic including:
  • Nux vomica - the impatient overachiever
  • Sulphur - the tradesman entrepreneur
  • Sulphur - the absent-minded professor
  • Lycopodium - the "wanna be" nerd
  • Lachesis - the jealous guy
  • Platina - the intimidating leader
  • Staphisagria - the violated
  • Phosphorus - the gorgeous model
  • Pulsatilla - the effeminate
  • Silica - the weakling
  • Calcarea carbonica - the working-class family man
  • Arsenicum album - the worrier
  • Baryta carbonica - the village idiot
  • Thuja - the liar
  • Medorrhinum - the hedonist
  • Hyoscyamus - the player
  • Stramonium - the terrified
  • Natrum muriaticum - the unavailable
  • Aurum metallicum - the eldest child
  • Syphilinum - the obsessive depressive
  • Mercurius solubilis - the unstable
  • Anacardium orientalis - the devilish
  • Tuberculinum bovum - the wanderer
  • Carcinosinum – the perfect implosion
  • Psorinum - the deficient
  • Opium - the zombie
  • Causticum - the socialist
  • Lac caninum – has a chip on his shoulder
  • Argentum nitricum - the tragic
  • Arnica montana - the traumatised
  • Rhus toxichodendron - the arthritic

- Classical presentations for women you may see outside of fertility such as The Carcinosin Woman, The Staphysagrian Woman and more.
- The 5 Homeopathic Miasms and how to clear genetic inheritance.
- Dosing and posology with homeopathic medicine – what potency to use, what is the Fibonacci series, what are homochords.
- Prevention of infectious diseases – the 5 ways to mitigate this. 
- Homeoprophylaxis - Immunisations. 
- Homeopathic First Aid – common acute remedies used in the home and case presentations
- What resources and books you will want as a practitioner to reference in practice.
- Where to source homeopathic medicine, how to dispense your own remedies, labels, creating your own products.
- How to build a successful practice. 

Is Homeopathy regulated?

Homeopathy is not currently regulated. This means that any body is able to adopt the title homeopath and purchase remedies and provide consults. Legally, the TGA requires that some form of consultation is conducted prior to prescribing homeopathic remedies and dispensing them to the public.

Can we then practice as a Homeopathy straight away?

Yes, you can. Exciting right!

On completion, can we then practice only in Fertility and First Aid or all aspects of Homeopathy?

It is not illegal to commence practice in homeopathy for any and all ailments - however you will want to stay within the scope of your training. As you learn more over the years - you will expand your practice. 

Is there a certificate or is this course accredited in any way?

You will get a certificate of completion of this course for your practice; however, this is not an accredited course. The only institution currently offering any accredited course in homeopathy is Switched on Health who have a 2-year advanced diploma. This would be the course I would recommend for anyone looking to be a full-time homeopathic practitioner in future, where you can get the deeper level of knowledge and understanding about homeopathy. This course is more of an add on for health practitioners to expand their current practice. 

Will we be able to purchase Homeopathic medicines wholesale?

On completion of this course with your certificate, you have special access to Martin and Pleasances homeopathic pharmacy- you can order any and all remedies. Homeopathy is very cost effective compared to naturopathic medicine where investment in herbs and supplements outright is very expensive. Homeopathic medicine lasts and is simply to purchase and store. 

Do I need to study Homeopathy?

No, you don’t need prior knowledge - however you will need a good working knowledge of anatomy and physiology - as this won’t be taught in the course.  
We will go over remedies needed for specific case presentations such as PCOS etc so knowing these conditions is important. You will not need in-depth knowledge, nor will you need to know blood hormone levels etc. You will simply need to know enough to take the case in its entirety and not miss details.

How long would each zoom session be?

Each zoom session would be approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. Unfortunately with the timezones, we have tried our best to accomodate a suitable time. 

Course Times:

Saturday's 9:30am AEST. Brisbane time. Note that Daylight savings may be applicable in some states and countries starting October. 
As a guide, Saturday 9:30am AEST is Friday afternoon/evening in the U.S/Canada. 

Course Dates: 

Sat 28 October launch date 
Sat 11 November
Sat 25 November
Sat 9 December
Sat 23 December

Sat 13 January
Sat 27 January
Sat 10 February
Sat 24 February
Sat 9 March
Sat 23 March
Sat 6 April - Sat 20 April is finals week - These will be a one on one private session with Melissa Kupsch 

Absence or away – what happens?

All sessions will be recorded and made available in our online portal alongside the PDF modules.  All sessions will be recorded, for you to access as you please and for you to come back to later as a reference point for all the information that we cover.